An Author’s Page is Born

Because I need all the marketing help I can get on a minuscule budget, I opted to create a new website devoted to my books and things related to being an author. I will be launching a newsletter, sharing reviews of books I’ve read, and updates to what I am currently working on.

I’ve had a blog called It’s a Misfit for several years. Its been mostly inactive because Tapestry of Family obsessed me for a year before I got it completed and published. Then my upcoming novel, working title, Love in the Key of Magic promptly took over. This is my new website home as I shift focus from a blogger who hoped to write something interesting one day, to a published author who wants people to read my books.

I ask two simple things. Buy and if you feel so inclined, review my book. Also please subscribe to this place. I would love to send you updates on what’s coming up in the future. I’m excited about my second book which I hope to publish by the end of summer.

One last thing. This is Miko. She is my companion when I’m writing. Actually she is often found literally draped across my hands as I’m trying to work. She’s a noble soul until she’s not. I can’t help but mention her as she has been with me all the way through a lot of changes over the past year, some good, some bad. You’ll be seeing her again.

I’m a pretty kitty.

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