There’s Something About Nature

I spent a much needed weekend in the mountains of North Carolina. It had been far too long since I had allowed myself the time just to lose myself in the beauty that is found in my favorite part of the world. As I always do, I took photos.

As an artist, such times are important. I need the emotional boost just being somewhere gorgeous offers. If there’s water even better. If I can forget for a moment that people are nearby, better still. I don’t know why water, woods and the occasional mushroom touches me so, I just discovered that I had missed being among it all.

Images like these, help me visualize setting, catching details that help me use my art to paint a scene that the reader can see them in their imagination. In my first novel, I imagined the driveway leading up to Holt House where much of Tapestry of Family takes place. I used a photo taken near this very lake for the cover of my book. Its not exactly what the driveway in the book looks like, but it’s close enough.

These were taken this morning, during a thirty minute walk. I spent most of the time hoping to see a deer, a turtle or some other denizens of the place, while trying not to trip over one of the many interesting roots along the path and falling into the lake I circumvented. I didn’t find any creatures. Instead I found this.

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