Teaser for New Book

Image by:https://www.deviantart.com/thewestfold

I’m excited about my new novel. Its different than Tapestry of Family in several ways. Love in The Key of Magic is a love story. It’s an urban fantasy with magic users, a cat who’s at least a half century old and a mystery to solve. It’s also something that has been rattling about in my head for a long time. Book two has that in common with book one.

Fantasy has always been my favorite genre. I also love a good mystery, a touch of humor and exploring how characters interact. I want my characters and my stories to feel real, and I want to create something that the reader can relate to while losing themselves in the tale.

Love in The Key of Magic will be available before the end of the year. Stay tune for updates, cover art and more. In the meantime, a teaser.


“Why didn’t you stay in the Porsche and keep going?” He asked, as he pushed himself off the wall and stepped closer. It was the man from the bar, the one with the grey eyes. He was bigger than she remembered, his voice low. He was wearing a trench coat with a muffler draped around his neck.

The Porsche. She had stolen his car solving the mystery of where she’d ended up.  Claire’s heartbeat ticked faster. “It’s parked in the garage on Bennet Street. I left the keys on the floorboard.” She answered. “Whatever they are paying you, trust me, it’s not worth It. I’m not worth it.” She backed away, hoping to gain some distance before making a break for it.

“Who is after you?” He asked as he moved closer, keeping the distance between them constant. 

“You are.” Her eyes widened as she saw cars pulling up behind the man, blocking that exit. Hearing the squeal of tires behind her, she turned to see two more doing the same on the other end. People got out of the cars heading her way.

She felt arms around her as the man threw her to the ground with him as bullets flew above them. “I promise you, I am not.” He said in her ear.

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