Running for Cover

One of the things an independent, unsigned author must do is, well everything. We do our own research, our own revisions, often our own editing, marketing, sales, and of course the writing. Some of us are lucky to have enough artistic skills to design a good cover for the book. With Tapestry of Family, I was fortunate as the image I was hoping for fit well with a setting in the book, the driveway leading up to Holt House, where much of the story takes place. I used a photo of the driveway at a family owned summer home in the North Carolina. I had taken the photo, trying to capture as much of the beautiful as I could, not knowing one of them would end up in a book.

With my upcoming novel, Love in the Key of Magic, I had no such photo to use in the collection I have acquired over the years. I only had an idea of what I wanted. Fortunately Digital Book Girl pointed me in the right direction. I found a graphic artist on a platform called Fiverr, a freelance platform that includes graphic artist. What my artist produced was almost exactly what I had hoped for. The results are at the bottom of this page.

I am planning to launch Love in the Key of Magic by the end of October. I’ll be obsessing over making sure everything is perfect, doing a bit of pre-launch promotions and working on my next book, the first of what just may turn out into a five book series. I have three in draft, and have seen I have much more of the story to tell. Stay tuned.

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